Our Mission is to contribute to the global effort of communities working for peace, sustainability and wellbeing, and to share these stories for further collaboration and community building.

This website is a platform for :
Following the stories - Witnessing sustainable living, community wellbeing and peace-building projects happening around the world.
Connecting across borders - Initiating dialogue between communities worldwide.
Sharing stories and resources - Exchanging inspiration, best practices and other resources with people working for similar and intersecting causes.

Towards an Alternative Global Story
Stories shape the way we see the world.
In a time when many countries are more focused on building walls than creating bridges, we are committed to exploring an alternative story of connection, hope and working together for positive change. From India to Scotland, we areexploring and co-creating stories to remind the world that despite our differences, we are still one family, and the movement of people who believe in this, is alive and growing.
Projects are at the heart of the Vasudhaiva Ride.

Inspired by the belief that we are all one family, the Ride is a celebration of the variety of connections between human beings and our shared world. This journey is our response to global narratives of disconnection, violence and intolerance. For this reason, we collaboratewith communitieson projects working towards:
PEACE- Especially in contexts of violence and discrimination, projects for connecting human beings to one another and to our environment.

SUSTAINABLE LIVING- How people eat, live, earn, learn, and communicate. Sustainable living refers to both social and material aspects of life that affect the quality of our natural and human environments.

COMMUNITY WELLBEING - From ways of dealing with conflict and social organising to sharing basic resources and caring for underserviced and marginalised groups, community wellbeing refers to diverse aspects of the holistic health of a community.

By working on projects in these fields--and more areas that will emerge throughout the Ride--we strive to:
Demonstrate that the world is full of people doing great work for wellbeing, sustainability as well as to address conflicts, changing aglobal narrative of disconnection, violence and intolerance to a story of connection through diversity.
Provide a platform for connecting people who are engaged in such work: to reach a global audience and to share best practices and resources, strengthening the global network of people working towards the belief of “one world, one family”.
Share stories to inspire, inform and encourage others in their own work and life.

OUTCOMES of the Ride:
Documentation: audio, video and written: eg. Blogs, photography, storytelling, interviews.
Artistic projects and processes: installations, collaborative processes, music and more.
Upcycling design projects for functional and sustainable use.
Open source databases of people, projects and places, shared on this website.


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