The Vasudhaiva Ride

is a project-driven motorcycle journey from India to Scotland: a 30 month series of collaborative, needs-based projects working alongside a diverse range of communities. Through these projects in sustainable construction, skills-trainings and community building, we are demonstrating the power of grassroots, direct action to bring about positive change.
We call our journey the Vasudhaiva Ride, inspired by the Sanskrit phrase Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, which means the whole world is one family. Our work is locally rooted and globally connected. We travel by motorcycle. We are entirely community supported. Support our work and journey here:Crowd funding link

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The Route

The outlined route takes Ben and Prashant across much of India into South East Asia, China, Central Asia, the “Stans”,Russia and into Eastern and finally Western Europe. This route is defined by projects as well as the reality of visas, international borders, geo-political situations and seasonal conditions. With these dynamic factors at play, the route is subject to change as the ride evolves. The entire journey is estimated to last twenty-four months, ending in December, 2018 when they reach Scotland.


Follow the journey as it happens! Green tabs indicate places Ben and Prashant have been already. Click each tab for more information.

About Us

The Team

Kumar Prashant: CoFounder.
Upcycling artist, Animal right activist, machine enthusiast.
Kumar Prashant, CoFounder of the Vasudhaiva Ride is a leading waste-upcycling artist from India. He is cofounder of Rebirth, an upcycling design firm and of the Good Artists of Pune, an art initative to support local artists and develop socially relevant art culture and practice. A leading member of award winning racing teams, Prashant’s background in mechanical engineering, team building and community arts projects have led him to cohost international artist programs in Pune and lead several large scale projects of upcycling and art installations across India. Prashant is a passionate and active animal rights activist helping several NGO's working for animals and building a shelter from waste. Prashant’s natural leadership and skills help to guide the projects and vision of the Vasudhaiva Ride.
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Benjamin Reid Howells: CoFounder.
Educator, organisations trainer, program designer.
Ben Reid-Howells, CoFounder of the Vasudhaiva Ride is an international educator and trainer. He has a degree in Interdisciplinary Sustainability and a background as an organisations and community trainer, wilderness guide and musician. From 2013-2016 Ben was based at Mahindra United World College of India where he developed the experiential service-learning department and led the Peace and Justice project-based learning stream. Ben is the founder of UWC’s Mindfulness Program and the Uniting for Peace Youth Festival (UPYF, 2017). He has trained youth, teachers and community groups in leadership skills, project design and peace-work in Canada, Guatemala, India and Nepal. On the Vasudhaiva Ride, Ben coordinates project partners, volunteers, and manages communications: building the global network that makes our work possible.
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This trip is a big undertaking, and Prashant and Ben are not alone. The Vasudhaiva Ride is only possible thanks to the work of the community supporting the Ride. See the FB page for more on the people behind the ride!



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